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Fish Tanks: Try to Avoid These 10 Aquarium Additions

Avoid these potential hazards to produce a safe home for the fish friends. 

Decorating your tank can be quite a fun activity, but making a home that's safe for the fish can also take some real planning, especially for new fish owners.

You can find countless decorations to select from, however, many aren't fish friendly. Prevent the following items to help keep your fish healthy and happy.


Many plastics can release potentially toxic chemicals when submerged in water for long amounts of time, and you should prevent them in your tank.

As a general rule, when it smells like plastic, don't put it in your tank.


Avoid rocks in your tank, as some contain harmful minerals.

Beach sand

It might seem such as a cheaper solution to decorate your tank, but beach sand contains chemical residues and other materials that may be detrimental to the health of your fish.

Purchase your sand at your pet store.

Shells and Corals

Shells and corals will add calcium that the machine may not need. Avoid them in a fresh-water tank.

Some glass

Not absolutely all glass is bad, but avoid glass with sharp edges, or glass that has been painted.

In reality, it's best to avoid any decoration with sharp edges, even if you find it in a dog store.

Consumable Decorations

If it's possible for that to be consumed by your fish, it's probably not a good idea to add it in your tank.

Fish want to bite and chew on things, however, many things could be fatal or release toxins in to the water. Think about this before adding decorations to your tank.

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